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5 Easy Ways To Make Yourself More Attractive

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This article is reproduced from an answer on Quora by Lukas Schwekendiek who responded to the Question: “What are the best ways to make yourself more attractive?


I felt the most attractive and got the most compliments when I employed these 5 ways to being more attractive:


1. Act like you own the place

This doesn’t mean that you get to be a gigantic douche-bag and walk around flaunting your stuff in everyone’s face, but instead that you know nothing can harm you.

If you act like you own the place you are walking into you will be a lot less phased by whatever anyone else has to say, you will behave more confident, and, at the end of the day, people will notice that.


2. Dress like you own the place as well

If you owned the place you were walking into, how would you dress? You could wear whatever you want, or you could dress the part of the owner, but ultimately the choice lies with you.

Start feeling confident and powerful and the people around you will see and feel it too. People gravitate to others that are more confident, happier or more powerful than they are because they want a piece of that pie.

Become the pie by starting to feel like it. Dress and act like you own any place you walk into and you will find a lot more eyes going your way.


3. Have the best time compared to anyone else around you

This is the #1 tip to becoming more attractive. If you can laugh and make someone else have the best time of their life they will find you incredibly attractive.

Ever see an ugly person with a totally hot wife/husband? They only got that person because they made them have fun.

People gravitate towards what they want for themselves, and the thingt that we want, above anything else in life, is to be happy. So when you can show the people around you that you are having a great time and that you can give it to them as well, they will come to you.


4. Stop caring so much about yourself

You still should try to have as much fun as you possibly can, and focus your entire attention on that, but other than that, do not worry about yourself.

Do not worry about how you appear to others, do not worry about whether or not you will get rejected, basically: Stop caring for your own ego and just have fun!

Does that mean you should make a fool of yourself whenever you get the chance… Well… Yes! If it is fun for you to do that, then of course you should!

The less you care about your “image” the more fun you will have which will attract the most people!


5. Be courageous

This means you have to be brave. Cowards do not have nearly as much fun as the brave.

You gotta get over whatever fear you have and just go for it. Sure, others may look down upon you at first, and you will get some fallbacks, but when you keep showing up as the happiest, most confident person in the room people will take notice.

And when they notice that you are happier and more confident than anyone else around, they will become incredibly attracted to you as well.

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