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11 Small Changes That Will Help You Lose Weight

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This article is reproduced from an answer on Quora by Vivek Mittal who responded to the Question: “With what diet can I lose a lot of weight fast?


1. Drink a lot of water – Practice drinking atleast 3 liters of water in a day. The best time to drink water is just upon waking up. Make use of it.


2. Eat raw vegetables – Onion, tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, cabbage, capsicum are some vegetables which can be eaten raw. Eat them atleast once a day. They are rich in fiber, antioxidants and help lose the lower belly fat.


3. Switch to low fat dairy – Always choose low fat dairy products. Low fat milk is easily available in the market. You can make paneer and curd using this milk.


4. Eat a handful of nuts – Almonds, cashews, peanuts etc are great source of fat. Good fat cuts bad fat. Eat one handful of nuts everyday. Do not remove the skin of almonds. It is rich in vitamin E.


5. Cut carbs – Indian lifestyle is, sadly, full of carbohydrates. We are used to eating 3–4 chapatis or a big bowl of white rice in one serving. These have high amount of carbohydrates. This is what makes us fat. The high carbs which our body does not utilize get stored as fat. So, cut it down.


6. Eat good carbs – Have you ever felt that eating a whole wheat chapati satiates you longer than eating white rice? Well, this is because a whole wheat chapati is made from whole grains whereas white rice is a refined form of carbohydrate which is formed after removing the husk from brown rice. So switch to whole grains, good carbs, like whole wheat, brown rice, oats etc as they are high in nutrition and fiber.


7. Use cooking sprays – Zero calorie cooking sprays are easily available online, these days. Start using them. They will save you from eating way too many calories that you are currently consuming by using refined oils.


8. Increase protein – Unfortunately, the most important macro nutrient is missing in our daily lifestyle. Protein is essential for overall repair of body cells, skin and hair health. Do you know that eating protein can reduce your cravings by 60%. This is because protein has a complex structure which our body feels hard to breakdown. As a result, we feel full. So include egg whites, chicken breast, low fat paneer (refer to point 3), tofu, soy chunks, pulses in your daily life.


9. Workout – Even though, you can lose weight without working out but workout makes the process faster. A combination of resistance training and cardio is best to shed extra weight. Now, you not join a gym to do resistance training. You can do body weight exercises at home.


10. Sleep – For the body to burn effectively, it is very important that we sleep for 7–8 hours every night.


11. Junk the junk – Sugar and salt are your two biggest enemies. And junk is full of either of these. So avoid.


The diet plan which incorporates all the above points will help you lose weight very fast. One such diet plan is this:

Full day of Eating | Indian Fat Loss diet


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